Have you ever wondered what type of processor is in your computer? What version of Windows you are on? How much RAM your computer has? This isn’t information you need to look up every day, but it can be helpful to know this info when your computer needs to be fixed or when deciding to purchase a new machine.

To check some basic information about your system you need to go to Settings on your desktop/laptop. Once in settings your first option to click on should be System. Click on System and then on the next screen click on the About tab towards the bottom left side of the screen. This page will give you your device specifications including your processor, RAM, OS type, etc. If you scroll down a little bit further it will tell you what edition of Windows you are using, and what update version you are running and when it was installed.

There is a more detailed system info page if you are more interested in what’s all in your machine. If you click on your Start button and type in System Information you should get an option with the same name, click on it. This page will tell you everything from your computer model to more specific information on your processor, how much RAM you are using compared to how much you have, and so much more.

Again, not very likely that you would ever need most of this information, but in the case that you do or are just curious what is in your machine, these are two good places to look to find out more about your computer.

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