Yet another reminder

The last few weeks or so here at iCitizen, we’ve had many calls about a pop up from Microsoft telling users that their machine is infected with a virus, and if they don’t call the number provided all of their information could be stolen or lost. Now this pop up may look legitimate and it will tell you everything you don’t want to hear about your computer, but THIS IS A SCAM! The virus that gets on your computer is when you call the number and let “Microsoft” into your machine to “fix” it. Microsoft will never contact you about your computer, and there’s no way they could know if there’s a virus on your computer or not. You wouldn’t let a stranger come into your house if they knocked on your door and said to you that they detected your fridge was broken, would you? There’s no way they could know, and there’s no way that someone you don’t know will know if there’s a virus on your computer.

How did this message appear on my computer? Something that got clicked on when you were on the internet that wasn’t what it appeared to be caused this message to pop up. The places we hear it happens most are when people are on Facebook, and when people are trying to access their banking website, but it can happen many other places as well. How do I prevent this message from popping up? User awareness, simple as that. If you’re not sure what you are clicking on then don’t click on it. Even with user awareness this pop up can still happen. I’ve clicked on links before and I’ve had this pop up happen to me, many times, but I know the message is fake and they just want my money to “fix” my computer.

What do I do if I see this pop up? If you see this scam message, firstly, don’t freak out or panic, then just turn off your computer. Hold the power button on your machine for 10 to 15 seconds, this will hard shut down the machine. Wait a few seconds and go ahead and turn your machine back on and the pop up should be gone the next time you go on the internet. Make sure when you go back on the internet that you do not restore any closed web pages because then the pop up will just come up again and you’ll have to start all over. If you’ve shut down the machine and the message still comes up when you go on the internet, give us a call here at iCitizen and we will walk you through how to get it to go away.

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Updated: August 1, 2018 — 9:44 am