Why does Internet Explorer keep crashing?

Internet Explorer (or IE) has been quite a nuisance lately. It was introduced over 20 years ago, and has been many people’s only way to access the Internet the entire time they’ve owned a computer. IE is critical for many businesses to keep their apps running. However, Microsoft is no longer supporting it.

When Windows 10 came out in 2015 Microsoft introduced a new browser called Edge. Edge is not available on Windows 7, which is where we’re having the most issues. When Edge was released, Microsoft completely stopped improving IE. When the new web standards came out (known as HTML5) Microsoft did not bring IE up to code. Now, even Microsoft sites like MSN have problems on IE. The main issue is the “leaking” of memory, which makes IE run slower and slower until it crashes completely.

If you’re using Windows 10, going to Edge is a fairly easy switch to make. Instead of a blue “E” with a golden line through it, it’s a flat blue “E” with no line. If you’re on Windows 7, or don’t like Microsoft’s Edge browser, you can install Firefox from www.FireFox.com, or Google Chrome from www.google.com/chrome and you can even import your bookmarks.

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Updated: July 20, 2018 — 11:55 am