What should you invest in a printer?

Even though nowadays it’s easy to go to a big box store and print pictures or documents, many people would much rather have a printer in their own home or business. If you print a lot of documents, the savings add up pretty fast.

One question we are asked a lot is how much you should be paying for a printer. And really, it depends on your printing usage. A good starter inkjet printer is around $100. You don’t usually want to go under that price. That should get you a scanner, wireless printing and, of course, color. However, ink refills are generally going to be the most expensive part of printing. At current prices, our inkjet printers print as high as 25 cents per page, assuming they are full color. Of course, printing black only or printing documents that aren’t covering a lot of area, changes that. It’s still generally cheaper than going to a store — and definitely more convenient.

If you do a lot of printing and 25 cents a page sounds like it would add up fast, a laser printer might be right for you. A black ink only laser printer will be around $100-$150, and a color laser printer will be around $250-$350. Generally, if you want a scanner included it will be on the high end of the spectrum. You’ll notice that’s quite a bit more for the printer. However, the cost per page gets down as low as 1 cent per page, especially for black ink only printing. The toner cartridges last much longer than ink for the inkjet printer, and so does the printer. However, if you’re not printing often or a lot, it can take a long time to pay for itself.

One reminder for anyone already using an inkjet printer, make sure to print something with a little of each color every once in a while to make sure your ink doesn’t dry out. As little as a month in very dry circumstances without printing can degrade your printing performance, and going 3 to 6 months without printing can make the printer stop working completely. You don’t want the wet ink to dry out.

As always, if you don’t know which one sounds right for you, or you just have other questions, visit or call us at iCitizen.

Updated: September 19, 2019 — 8:43 am