What happened to my add-ons?

If you use Firefox and have add-ons running in your browser you may have noticed that they stopped working this weekend — and as I write this column, they may still not be working.

The add-ons stopped working because, over the weekend, Mozilla, the creators of Firefox, allowed a security certificate to expire and this expiration caused all add-ons in Firefox to be disabled.

Now, this may not have affected you if you didn’t have any add-ons installed in your browser, but if you use any type of popup blocker, coupon finding add-ons or any extensions associated with your antivirus, etc., they were disabled and have not been working since Saturday. Mozilla has just now fixed the issue, but only for the newest verions of FireFox.

Now, this error on Mozilla’s end isn’t anything to panic about on your end. This doesn’t make your computer more vulnerable to hacks or disable your antivirus protection. The concern is that Mozilla should have been more on the ball about this certificate expiration and hopefully they don’t have a misstep on any bigger issues in the future.

If you still aren’t working, make sure to update Firefox to the newest version. If you have PatchMyPC on your desktop, you can use that to update it easily.

If you’re still having issues, give us a call.

Updated: May 9, 2019 — 9:16 am