Update is still rolling out

It’s been several months since the 1903 feature update to Windows was released, and we still have many customers who are just now getting the update. In fact, I just installed the update on my computer earlier this week.

They release updates in stages like this to prevent any problems that may occur with the update from happening to everyone all at once. This way only a certain percentage of people may experience a problem, and Microsoft can fix it before it rolls out to the next group of people.

So far, we haven’t had many people coming in for issues with the update like we have with previous updates. However, that doesn’t mean that there still can’t be problems. Anything from your Internet being down for a couple seconds to you losing power can cause major problems if the update is trying to install itself. Those are instances that you can’t really prepare for and you just have to hope that it doesn’t happen. The main idea we like to spread during updates is patience.

When you are applying an update and it says, “Please don’t turn off your computer,” that means to just be patient and wait. Depending on your Internet speed, and the speed of your machine, some of these larger updates can take awhile to download and install, sometimes from one to two hours. If your update has been sitting on the same percentage number for 10 minutes that is not enough time to figure that the update is stuck and that you should shut off. Let the update do its work and if it’s stuck after a half hour or so give us a call and ask us for our advice if you should shut down or not.

Updates can be frustrating and we understand that, but it can be more frustrating if your computer doesn’t work after an update because it was interrupted, whether from human interaction or not. Allow the updates to do their job and give them time to do so.

Updated: September 19, 2019 — 7:45 am