The scams never seem to end

This is a topic that we frequently write about, but it’s important for us to remind people about the dangers of scams. Lately we’ve had lots of people us about different scam attempts so we’re gonna take this opportunity to give you the information you need in case you get contacted by these scammers.

Computer Scams
Most times this scam is a pop up on your computer screen that tells you that you have a terrible virus in your machine, or on your network, your Windows license is about to expire, etc. Most times the pop up will tell you to not shut your machine down or you will lose all of your information, or your system may be damaged permanently. Then it gives a phone number to call or a website to visit and that’s when the scam really begins. Do not call this phone number or visit the website they are providing because they will tell you everything you don’t want to hear, and tell you how they will fix it to gain your trust and have you let them into your machine. Once in your machine they are free to browse wherever they want, put files and programs wherever they want, and charge you money for doing these things. If you see this pop up and you can’t close out of it just hold down the power button on your machine for roughly 8 seconds and that will shut down your machine. Wait a minute and turn it on again and go back on the internet and the pop up should be gone.

Phone Scams
We also have people notifying us that “Microsoft” is calling and telling them that they have a virus on their machine, or that the licensing is expired. Do not listen to what these scammers have to say over the phone. There is no way the Microsoft will know if you have a virus in your machine, and your Windows license can’t expire. Best thing to do is to tell them that you are going to report them to the authorities and then hang up.

These scammers will be as convincing as they possibly can to try and gain your trust at the hoped that they can make a quick buck off of you, or in some cases thousands of dollars. Know that Microsoft will never contact you about any problems with your computer whether that over the phone or on you computer screen. If you’re not sure if it’s a scam you can call us and we can let you know if we think it’s legitimate or not.

Updated: November 12, 2019 — 10:55 am