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Site not trusted in Chrome

Awhile back Chrome changed the standards on their web browser as to what they considered a “safe site.”

When you navigate to certain websites in Chrome you may get a page that pops up that says the website you are trying to access is unsafe, or the security certificate is invalid and you shouldn’t continue because someone may be able to get your information.

The reason this happens is because Chrome has cracked down on what security certificates it will accept. If a website doesn’t meet that standard Chrome considers it unsafe. In most cases, I would say to heed this warning and not continue to the site, but with a lot of websites not changing their certificates just yet the website you need to access may give you this message.

If you get this message on a website you absolutely need to access there should be an option on the bottom of the error page that gives you either “More” or “Advanced” options. Within that section there is a small checkbox that allows you to bypass this error screen and continue to the site without interruption. Check that box and click “Continue to Web page” to visit the page.

Another option to find out if it’s a website issue or a Chrome issue is to try accessing the same website in another web browser such as Firefox or Opera and see if you can access it there.

Most sites have this issue fixed and you’ll never see the error. If you get this error page and aren’t sure what to click or if it’s safe, give us a call at 831-3455.

Updated: December 24, 2018 — 10:58 am
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