What type of printer do you use? An inkjet printer? A laser printer?
Depending on what type of work you do and how much you print, either one is a viable option. But have you considered that maybe you should be using a different printer than the one you have to be more efficient?

What is an inkjet printer? An inkjet printer uses a black cartridge and color cartridge(s) to make your prints. It sprays ink onto the paper to make the print or image you have decided to print. Now a laser printer works differently. Instead of using ink it uses a powder (toner) that gets heated onto the paper as you are printing, resulting in a faster print.

Which type of printer is right for me? Most home users have inkjet printers and most businesses use laser printers. The advantage to inkjet printers is that they are cheap to get started. We sell inkjet printers here for $95. But the downside is that you can go through the ink pretty fast and the ink is fairly expensive if you want to do a lot of printing. The advantage to laser printers is that you get way more pages with toner than you do ink, and the toner doesn’t dry up if you don’t use it for a while like ink does.

The downside is laser printers are more expensive than inkjets and the toner cost more to refill each time. However, it can save a lot of money over time if you do a large amount of printing.

Again, either of these options is fine, but it is always possible to be more efficient and save money. Look over these options and determine which one is best for you. And if you can’t decide or want more advice, just give us a call here at iCitizen and we can answer your questions and give you a recommendation.

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Updated: August 30, 2018 — 11:42 am