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Preparing for big update

Right around the corner is the next big update for Windows 10, the October 2018 update. It’s not exactly creatively named, but at least it’s clear.

These are the updates that often take an hour or more to install and consequently are usually the most inconvenient. To reduce issues with the new update, we recommend you do a full backup of your PC and make sure to install updates whenever you’re done using your PC. If you don’t, the PC might do a full hour update the next time you turn on your PC.

However inconvenient all that sounds, it does bring us some new features.

One of my favorite features coming out is clipboard history. If you copy and paste a lot, sometimes it’s annoying that you can only copy one thing at a time. Now, you can copy plenty. You just have to enable the feature in Settings > System > Clipboard and enable Clipboard History. If you have another Windows device with a Microsoft account logged in, you can turn on Clipboard Sync and copy and paste across PCs.

An app some of our readers might like is My Phone.

Essentially, it lets you send and receive texts with any paired Android phone so you can answer right from the PC. This definitely makes it easier than taking it out of and putting it in your pocket all day.
Other features include a dark mode for Windows to make it easier on the eyes, a better touch keyboard for touchscreens and a new screenshot tool. Microsoft also claims this update will reduce the need for restarts on future updates.

Businesses or power users may notice an odd issue where your file-sharing stops working after this update. It’s been a recurring issue, but it is fairly quick to fix. Right click on your Internet status icon and select Open Network & Internet Settings. On the next screen click “Sharing Settings” and change the appropriate settings for your setup. As always, you can contact us at iCitizen for help.

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Updated: November 8, 2018 — 12:31 pm
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