Power and sleep

Leaving your computer sit idle, whether it’s a desktop or laptop, will cause the screen to go black. This could either be that your screen is just shut off, or your computer is in sleep mode. Either way, moving your mouse or tapping a key on your keyboard should wake up your machine and you’re up and running.

Everyone may like different times on their machine as far as when the machine screen shuts off or goes to sleep. Today, I will tell you how you can change these times to fit your needs.

These instructions are for Windows 10. First, go to Settings. Then click on the System section. On the left side, click on Power & Sleep. You will see a screen where you can change the Screen time and the Sleep time.

The screen section changes how long it will take before your screen goes black. This is before the system goes to sleep. You can set your screen to go black in as little as 1 minute, or you can have it never go black.

Same with Sleep mode. You can set this to a minimum of 1 minute, or you can set it to never go to sleep. Your sleep time should be longer than the screen time.

Some machines have issues waking up from Sleep Mode, and if yours is one of them we recommend turning the sleep time to “Never” to prevent this issue.

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Updated: December 27, 2019 — 8:57 am