Phone problems galore

We’ve seen just about every issue you can imagine in the many years we’ve done business here in Windom, but a few smartphone issues seem to stand out.

Of course, when most people think of a broken phone, they think of the broken screen. We all know you should have your phone in a case to protect it, but that doesn’t always work. Sometimes it falls just right (or wrong) that it breaks the screen anyway. The screen can be replaced, but which screens are worth replacing might surprise you.

The newest phones, such as the iPhone Xs, Galaxy S9/S10 and other high-end phones, are often too expensive to be worth replacing the screen. Cheaper phones, like the Moto X4, or older phones, like the Galaxy S7, have had their screens drop in price, and are often worth fixing.

I would recommend a drop warranty if you get the latest and greatest, as paying over $1,000 for a phone, then another $800 to fix the screen, is a huge hit to the wallet for most people. A few dollars a month is definitely worth it.

The other issue we often see is charging problems, and it generally comes down to just two issues. The first one is using your phone plugged in. Any sideways pressure on the phone’s charging cable while it’s plugged in loosens the port on your phone. If it gets too loose or breaks off, you either have to hold the phone in just the right position or it simply stops charging altogether.

The other issue is lint. We’ve found that users who put their phone in their pocket with the charging port down often get lint in the port. After plugging in the charger with lint enough times, the lint gets hard and gets stuck in there. Now the charger either won’t stay in easily or won’t go in at all. You can try to get it out with a tweezers, but that may damage the pins inside the charging port. The best option is to put the charging port up when putting a phone in your pocket.

As always, if you encounter these or any other problems, feel free to pay us a visit.

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Updated: July 3, 2019 — 11:45 am