Microsoft just reminded us why backups are essential

Microsoft has been releasing feature updates for Windows 10 about every six months, but it’s never completely free of complications. For most PCs the update comes, takes around an hour to install, and you get a few new features built in. Some PCs get issues after the update like black screens and random reboots that are usually fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling the update.

The most recent update, called the October 2018 update, had some even bigger issues that aren’t so easy to fix. Before anyone gets too nervous, Microsoft pulled the update before it got pushed out to PCs. The only way to get the update was to go and download it manually. For a small percentage of the people that did, there were disastrous consequences. Every file in the user’s folders (Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Video, and Music folders) got completely emptied! It’s a great reminder for the rest of us to check our backups.

Using the built in backup tool, File History, in Windows 10 this would have been an easy recovery. However, most users don’t keep backups or don’t make them often enough. The recommended way to back up is by getting either a cloud backup that is paid monthly, or by getting an external hard drive and using Windows 10’s File History feature found in the Settings menu. Whatever you do, make sure you have a backup.

Updated: October 16, 2018 — 3:32 pm