How do we stop the scam pop-ups?

We wrote about this just a few months ago, but it bears repeating loud and often. Never call a phone number you get on a popup! We receive a minimum of 10 calls a week about how to get out of the pop-ups, and at least a few people per month who call the number and have all kinds of problems. Because of this, we’ve decided to find a way to try to help stop them all together.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you’re using a good browser. If you’re still using Internet Explorer, stop! Internet Explorer is very vulnerable to this and many other problems. I would recommend either Firefox or Chrome. Personally I use Chrome, but if you’re more privacy concious, Firefox is a great browser. After you get set up, the secret to blocking these pop-ups is an ad blocker.

Our recommended ad blocker is called uBlock Origin. You can get it by going to with Chrome or Firefox and hitting the “Add Ublock” and following the prompts. This will almost completely eliminate the bad pop-ups. This also removes ads on TONS of websites, including YouTube, Facebook, even news sites like MSN. If you see an ad, it will be very rarely.

Even if you decide not to switch browsers or set up an ad blocker, just remember to NEVER call any number you get from an ad. They are very convincing, and will say whatever they can to be able to log in to your computer, and take control. The same goes for anyone calling saying you have a virus. Your phone number has nothing to do with your computer and it’s always a scam, no matter how convincing they are. Stay safe out there!

Updated: February 11, 2019 — 9:02 am