Have I mentioned Windows 7 end of support yet?

I know we’ve written about this topic many times, and a lot of you are taking the necessary steps to either upgrade your existing machine, or replace your machine with one that has Windows 10. We know that many of you haven’t yet, and we’re getting into crunch time. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading or replacing and have been putting it off now is the time to take action.

The age and health of your current Windows 7 machine determines if it will be able to take the Windows 10 upgrade. We will need to test the machine in order to determine that, and we can give our recommendation as to whether or not we think you should upgrade or replace.

If we find that your machine won’t take the upgrade well, or if you’re ready to get a new machine, we have new and refurbished laptops and desktops with Windows 10 loaded on them. Depending on what you use your computer for we will have the machine that will fit your needs, and if you need a more powerful computer we can special order computers.

If you have any questions on the upgrading process, or about replacing your machine, give us a call or stop in and we can help determine the best option for you.

Contact us at icitizentech@windomnews.com or call the Citizen at 831-3455.

Updated: November 12, 2019 — 11:00 am