Fun tech you may not have heard of

One of my favorite things about a smartphone is the camera. They’ve gotten so good, most people don’t own a standalone digital camera anymore.

However, you don’t get any optical zoom, so when you zoom in the picture isn’t as clear. However there’s an easy way to solve that. Almost any phone can get an optical zoom lens, along with other lenses that zoom out, or give you a wider angle, or even act as a low power microscope. These can turn your good camera phone into an excellent one, with lots of extra features. Starting as low as $30, they can be a great gift too.

Along the theme of smartphones, a company in China called Royole has released video of the first ever foldable smartphone. The device looks like a small tablet when it isn’t folded, but when you fold it over it turns into the size of a smartphone and the display changes to the dimensions of the device. LG and Samsung are working on technologies like this, but haven’t presented anything as of yet. Not only is having an LED screen that is bendable without breaking an amazing thing, but essentially you have a tablet and a smartphone all in one device that will fit into your pocket. Who knows, maybe in the future I’ll be able to carry around my TV in my pocket wherever I go!

Updated: November 28, 2018 — 8:22 am