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Friendly reminders and a happy new year!

As 2019 rolls around the corner we want to thank everyone for their support, reading our articles each month and keeping us busy! We always enjoy putting a smile on your faces, knowing your computers are working well again. To help keep them running that way, we have a few tips for the holidays.

A lot of people get electronics around the holidays, and we see lots of people needing antivirus. Whether it’s a new device you want to keep safe or a device from last year that’s running out, it’s important to keep your computer protected. We’ve already seen a large number of devices come in this month because they were from last year’s Black Friday, or an early gift, and the antivirus has expired leaving them exposed.

Another thing we see every year is the increasing level of children, teens, and even young adults using relatives’ computers and leaving them a little worse for the wear. Nobody wants to be a humbug and say you can’t use the computer, but they should be monitored if they are going to use it. Games, especially free ones, often want you to download other software that ruins the experience of your PC. If you are going to let them play, make sure to tell them to clean it up before they leave! Don’t worry too much though, we can always clean it out for you later. They should be playing games with the family anyway, right?

Enjoy the holidays, and don’t forget to turn your screens off sometimes too!

Updated: January 2, 2019 — 9:43 am
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