Do you know your apps?

I read an article recently about a company named AV-Comparatives that tested 250 supposed anti-malware security apps in the Google Play Store.

They would install one of the security apps on their list on a Samsung Galaxy S9 and download an app they knew to be malicious and see if the security app would detect the security threat.

Of the 250 tested, only 80 detected more than 30 percent of malicious activity. Some of these apps include: Avast, ESET, MalwareBytes, Symantec (Norton), etc. That means more than 100 so-called “anti-virus” apps in the Google Play Store, that can be freely downloaded, do a terrible job protecting your system, don’t protect your system at all, or even may be dangerous to your machine. That leads me to ask, do you know what apps you have installed on your Android or iPhone?

While we don’t necessarily recommend installing an antivirus on your phone or tablet, some people feel safer to have one on there. If you are going to install an anti-virus, or any other app on your device, make sure to consider following some of these steps:

• Read reviews for the app. Many people leave reviews of apps after they have installed them and they can be a good source of information on an app. Be careful, though, because some companies will pay people to leave good reviews so if an app has 10 five-star reviews it may be dangerous.

• Check to make sure the company who made the app is familiar to you. For example, if you are downloading a Facebook app make sure it is created by Facebook Inc., and not another company. Some publishers you may not know for apps, but just make sure to do your research.

• Finally, you can use a website such as and type in an app name and see if it comes up as secure or not.

Not knowing what you are downloading on a phone or a computer can be a dangerous thing, but if you gather as much information as possible you can avoid downloading dangerous programs/apps.

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Updated: April 15, 2019 — 9:40 am