Digital home security — is it worth it?

You’ve probably seen ads for all sorts of security products, from multi-camera systems to doorbells and even devices that listen for broken glass and alert you.

You’ve probably also seen all the issues with smart devices being hacked or otherwise compromised. Privacy vs. Security is becoming quite a hot topic for debate, and it definitely should be. Doorbell cams from companies like Nest and even basic $40 Wi-Fi cameras can stop a would-be thief from ever entering your home, and can help catch a thief if they do break in.

However, cameras in living areas, like bedrooms, bathrooms, or even living rooms, can be seen as a huge invasion of privacy. This is especially true if someone gets control of your camera and can spy on you. Most cameras don’t just gather video, they also gather sound.

If you’re someone who’s interested in home security and wary about it, go with a name brand device. You’re going to have to pay more, but that cost
is for security updates and support. Buying a cheap camera with a brand you don’t recognize generally means they are going to be hackable at some point in the future.

The biggest recommendation I can give, though, is to stick with cameras at doorways. On the off chance someone does compromise your camera, they can’t see into your private living space if they’re at the front or back door. This is especially true for outdoor or doorbell cameras.

The only exception I would offer is pet cams. Even then, you should keep
them away from bathrooms or bedrooms unless absolutely necessary.

If you’re interested, or just have questions about home security, feel free to contact us at iCitizen. We can help with everything from the doorbell cam to a robust outdoor camera system to surround your whole home or property.

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Updated: August 8, 2019 — 8:12 am