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Do you need a night light?

If you are like me, you are usually staring at some sort of screen before you go to bed. Whether a TV, cell phone, tablet or computer, these devices with their default lighting can make it harder to go to sleep because of the blue light they emit. There is a way to lessen this […]

All about bits

You might have heard the word before, but most people don’t know what a “bit” actually is. It’s a unit of measurement for computers. A bit is actually just a one or a zero. That seems like it might not be useful, but a bit makes up everything we do on computers. Eight bits equals […]

Let the countdown begin

That’s right everybody, we here at iCitizen are already counting down to 2020! More specifically January 14, 2020. Reason being is that the very popular Windows 7 operating system runs out of extended support on this day. What does that mean for you? It means that your Windows 7 machine will no longer receive updates […]

So many routers! How much is enough?

Just about everybody needs a router now, and has one, but not many people understand the difference between them. When shopping for a router you’ll see markings like “N300” or “AC1200” and even the new “AX3200,” all advertising the speed of the router. However, buying a faster router doesn’t mean your devices are going to […]

Friendly reminders and a happy new year!

As 2019 rolls around the corner we want to thank everyone for their support, reading our articles each month and keeping us busy! We always enjoy putting a smile on your faces, knowing your computers are working well again. To help keep them running that way, we have a few tips for the holidays. A […]

Site not trusted in Chrome

Awhile back Chrome changed the standards on their web browser as to what they considered a “safe site.” When you navigate to certain websites in Chrome you may get a page that pops up that says the website you are trying to access is unsafe, or the security certificate is invalid and you shouldn’t continue […]

The most wonderful time of the year . . . for scammers

Christmas time, family is over, and if they didn’t bring their own computer, guess whose they are using? Yours. With more people using your computer there is more chance they’ll click on a bad link, or go to a bad website that will bring up a scam pop-up. We’ve had many calls about scam pop-ups […]

Which version of Windows do I have?

Whenever we help people over the phone it’s always best if we can imagine what your screen looks like, and for us to do that it helps if we know what version of Windows you’re on. Most times when we ask people this question they have no idea what version they are on. Then at […]

Enable Macros? Maybe not.

With all the news today being focused on data breaches like Facebook, Yahoo!, and others that number in the millions of accounts, we hardly ever hear about viruses affecting home computers. Unfortunately, there’s a very nasty virus that’s just made it onto the scene. It doesn’t have an official name yet as far as I […]

Fun tech you may not have heard of

One of my favorite things about a smartphone is the camera. They’ve gotten so good, most people don’t own a standalone digital camera anymore. However, you don’t get any optical zoom, so when you zoom in the picture isn’t as clear. However there’s an easy way to solve that. Almost any phone can get an […]

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