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Start the new year with a clean slate

We haven’t talked about cleanups in awhile in our columns, but it’s good to get your computer cleaned up, preferably once a year — especially after the holidays when family members and grandkids have been using the computer. No matter what website you go to you are going to get junk on your computer. While […]

Problems with Gboard

First off, what is Gboard? Gboard is most likely the keyboard app on your Android device. I say “likely” because there are other apps that you can download to be your keyboard. However, straight out of the box, it is probably Gboard. Lately, we’ve been receiving calls that when people are trying to send text […]

Power and sleep

Leaving your computer sit idle, whether it’s a desktop or laptop, will cause the screen to go black. This could either be that your screen is just shut off, or your computer is in sleep mode. Either way, moving your mouse or tapping a key on your keyboard should wake up your machine and you’re […]

Don’t lose your files; keep your system backed up

We preach this point all the time and it still amazes us how many people don’t have a backup for their computer system. I always tell people, “I have never heard anyone be upset that they’ve had a backup, but I’ve definitely heard them be upset when they haven’t.” A backup is a nice way […]

Yet Another Windows 7 reminder

I know we’ve written about this a bunch, but we know that everyone hasn’t acted yet. Windows 7 support ends in a little over a month on Jan. 14, 2020. This means no more updates to your system, and most updates at this point are for security purposes. Therefore, it will be dangerous to use […]

Office 2010 to reach end of support in 2020

Just like Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010 will end its support as well. Luckily this expiration date isn’t until Oct. 13, 2020, so we still have roughly a year before support ends for this product. What end of support means is that there will no longer be updates for this product and most updates for […]

How to move your taskbar

Here is a real quick tip this week for you guys. For most of you the taskbar is located on the bottom of your screen. The taskbar contains your start button, some of your program icons, time and date, etc. Did you know that you can move this bar to a different location on your […]

Have I mentioned Windows 7 end of support yet?

I know we’ve written about this topic many times, and a lot of you are taking the necessary steps to either upgrade your existing machine, or replace your machine with one that has Windows 10. We know that many of you haven’t yet, and we’re getting into crunch time. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading […]

The scams never seem to end

This is a topic that we frequently write about, but it’s important for us to remind people about the dangers of scams. Lately we’ve had lots of people us about different scam attempts so we’re gonna take this opportunity to give you the information you need in case you get contacted by these scammers. Computer […]

A closer look at computer docking stations

While we sell a lot of desktops and laptops at about a 50/50 rate, we see many people switching over to laptops from desktops for their convenience. They are more portable, have the same functionality as a desktop and almost any device you plug into your desktop can be plugged into a laptop. If you’re […]