Scam phone calls

We have been getting a lot of calls and visits lately about people receiving phone calls from “Microsoft” telling them their computer is infected, their Windows license is about to expire, etc. These phone calls are SCAMS. There is no way that Microsoft would know if you had a virus or some other malicious content […]

Hands-free Law in effect now

This month the new Hands-Free Law went into effect in Minnesota. We wrote about this a month ago, but decided the day before would be one last good reminder. Here are some quick notes on the law taken from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Website: “The new law allows a driver to use their […]

How to make copying and pasting easier

Many times we’ve seen where someone plugs in a flash drive, or other external storage device into their computer, and find what they want to put on the machine, copy it, then navigate to the place on the computer where they want to store it, paste it, then have to go back to the external […]

Digital home security — is it worth it?

You’ve probably seen ads for all sorts of security products, from multi-camera systems to doorbells and even devices that listen for broken glass and alert you. You’ve probably also seen all the issues with smart devices being hacked or otherwise compromised. Privacy vs. Security is becoming quite a hot topic for debate, and it definitely […]

Only six months left on Windows 7 updates

We’ve written about this in the past, but it’s one of those topics that is worth repeating: Windows 7 support will be ending on January 14, 2020, roughly 6 months from now. What does this mean? Windows 7 will no longer be receiving updates from Microsoft and this poses a serious security threat to your […]

Minnesota’s New Hands-Free Law

Do you hate it when you are driving and you can clearly tell that someone is on their cell phone? Well, a new law in Minnesota is designed to help eliminate these dis­tractions and it’s called the Hands-Free law. I will be detailing some of the information associated with this law directly from the Minnesota […]

Updates and UAC

Today I want to reiterate the importance of updates, as two very important updates have come out recently. I also want to cover why UAC (User Account Control) is important. The first up­date was from Microsoft, and it affected a huge number of computers. Luckily for most of our readers, they are protected from this […]

Phone problems galore

We’ve seen just about every issue you can imagine in the many years we’ve done business here in Windom, but a few smartphone issues seem to stand out. Of course, when most people think of a broken phone, they think of the broken screen. We all know you should have your phone in a case […]

Zooming on your web browser

Do you ever find yourself on a website and getting closer to or squinting at the screen because the words are too small? Some websites just have their print too small for users to read. However, there is a way you can make the words larger. Zooming in or out on a web page can […]

Scam attempts and phone calls

Have you gotten a phone call from “Microsoft” telling you: •  Your Windows is about to expire? •  You have a virus on your computer? •  Your network has been infected? If you have, this is a scam call. Even if any of the problems they were telling you were true, there is no way they could know […]