Zooming on your web browser

Do you ever find yourself on a website and getting closer to or squinting at the screen because the words are too small? Some websites just have their print too small for users to read. However, there is a way you can make the words larger. Zooming in or out on a web page can […]

Scam attempts and phone calls

Have you gotten a phone call from “Microsoft” telling you: •  Your Windows is about to expire? •  You have a virus on your computer? •  Your network has been infected? If you have, this is a scam call. Even if any of the problems they were telling you were true, there is no way they could know […]

Windows May 2019 update

It’s that time of year again when Microsoft releases one of its two scheduled feature updates to Windows. This time it is called the May 2019 update and Microsoft has already begun rolling it out to systems around the world. It may be a while before the update reaches you so don’t worry if you […]

An increasingly dangerous digital world

We very commonly write about all sorts of scams, viruses and other threats that are becoming more important as we move our data and lives online. There are some newer threats we haven’t discussed, though, and they’ve been pretty much ignored by most media. There are lots of “cute” names for these new threats, like […]

Is your cursor too fast?

When you move your mouse on your computer screen, do you find that it is too fast and you lose track of where it is? Or, do you find it’s too slow and you wish you could speed it up? This isn’t an issue we run into often with customers, but I’m sure many people […]

What happened to my add-ons?

If you use Firefox and have add-ons running in your browser you may have noticed that they stopped working this weekend — and as I write this column, they may still not be working. The add-ons stopped working because, over the weekend, Mozilla, the creators of Firefox, allowed a security certificate to expire and this […]

Custom built PCs

The next time you walk into our department you may see computers that don’t have a name brand on them or have extra fan lights on the front. That’s because starting now, iCitizen is building custom PCs. What does this mean? It means we get parts to put together a desktop computer in our shop […]

Turning off, unplugging, then turning back on

We’ve written in the past that when having issues with your computer or any other device, the first thing you should always try is to turn it off and back on again. With the power outages a few weeks ago, many people have been having issues with many of their devices that were plugged in […]

Power outages and computers

The recent April snowstorm brought a lot of havoc to our area and part of that havoc was power outages. Many people in the area lost power during the storm and power outages can have a major effect on computers. We had many calls about computers not turning on and devices not working properly after […]

Scam calls, pop-ups

It’s been a while since we have written about this subject because we haven’t really had many people calling about scams lately — which is a good thing! But we at iCitizen usually notice scam calls and pop-ups can come in waves and there must be a lull in that wave right now. They will […]