Battery backups

A couple weeks ago the power went out in all of Windom for about 4½ hours. This is a good time to remind everybody about battery backups and what they provide.
A battery backup is a device that you plug into the wall and basically acts the same as a surge protector, except the devices you have plugged into the battery backup outlets don’t power off when the power goes out. Most people will use these devices for their desktop computers. When the power goes out, the computer doesn’t shutdown and they won’t lose their work.

However, a common misconception about battery backups is that you can keep working even when the power goes out. This is not the case. Battery backups are meant for you to quickly finish and save the work that you were doing when the power went out, then safely shut down your machine. The battery backup doesn’t last forever, and if you wait too long your computer will suddenly shut down and your work could be lost.
It’s also good to use these devices on your desktop computer to prevent issues with your computer when turning it back on after a power outage.

Computers don’t like to be suddenly shut down and, if your computer was in the middle of an update when the power went out, we could have major issues.
The battery backup gives us just that little bit of extra time to complete our tasks and shut down the computer correctly.

If you have any questions about battery backups, how they work or if you need one, give us a call here at iCitizen and we’ll be able to give you some advice.

If you have any questions concerning computers or tech support contact us at or call the Citizen at 831-3455.

Updated: July 3, 2018 — 12:36 pm

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