Artificial Intelligence in space?

I was reading through some tech columns on TechSpot this week and I came across a column that really caught my eye. It is about how the International Space Station will soon have an Artificial Intelligence (AI) companion on board their station.
The name of the new member is CIMON (Crew Interactive Mobile Companion), and he is a ball-shaped robot designed with the intent to help with day-to-day tasks on the space station. The robot doesn’t have any arms or legs so it can’t help out with major tasks, other than maybe supplying information to other crew members performing those tasks, but it does have a screen and it can display procedures to astronauts aboard the station.

As with other AI in other fields of work, CIMON will learn from experience aboard the station and apply it to situations further down the line should a problem come up. No dates are given as to when CIMON will be flown to the station. The AI will have to go through extensive tests to even become a full-time member of the station.
Now, I’m not part of NASA and don’t really know much about what all this AI could possibly help with on the station, but it just goes to show how much we as a society are trusting technology and AI to help us with our everyday tasks.
And if we can make use of a floating robot, with no arms or legs, in space, I don’t see why we can’t make AI useful anywhere.


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Updated: July 3, 2018 — 12:31 pm

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