Apps and features in Windows 10

Do you have any apps (programs) on your computer that you no longer use, but you don’t know how to uninstall them? Do you want to change different program defaults so that certain items open up in a particular program? Both of these things and more can be done from the Apps section of the settings menu.

To get there, click on your Start button, then click on the Settings icon. Next, click on the Apps option on the settings screen. Once you’ve clicked on Apps you are brought to the Apps & Features page. This is where all the programs installed on your computer can be found. They are listed alphabetically, so find that program you don’t need or want anymore and left click on it once, then click Uninstall. The program will take you through its uninstall process.

If you aren’t sure about a program, it is probably best to leave it on your machine. Some Windows programs that come with Windows 10 cannot be uninstalled.

If you look at the left side of the Apps & Features page you will see a section called Default Apps. This is where you can change what programs open certain files by default. If you click on Default Apps you will see a list of different program defaults you can change, such as Email, Maps, Music Player, etc. Depending on what programs you have on your computer, some perform the same tasks and you can choose which program opens by default. For example, if you have multiple web browsers on your computer, but want a specific one to open, you would change the default web browser to your preferred browser. There are other settings in this section for more advanced users that also change program defaults.

Most programs on your computer are there for a reason so don’t uninstall everything to clear up your machine. You may just cause more problems. If you do have a program that you know you aren’t using anymore and want to remove it from your machine, these steps should help. The same goes for default programs.

If you have any questions about uninstalling your setting defaults, give us a call and we can help you out.

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Updated: June 3, 2019 — 11:00 am