A closer look at computer docking stations

While we sell a lot of desktops and laptops at about a 50/50 rate, we see many people switching over to laptops from desktops for their convenience. They are more portable, have the same functionality as a desktop and almost any device you plug into your desktop can be plugged into a laptop.

If you’re like me, you don’t move your laptop around very much and it sits in the same spot all the time. We see this a lot with businesses.

The downside to that means that you probably have your power cable plugged in all the time to charge the battery. Add a wired/wireless mouse to that and maybe a wired/wireless keyboard, possibly a printer cable, if you don’t do wireless printing, and some USB flash drives and you can quickly run out of space to plug things in to your laptop. More USB ports are an advantage to desktops that laptops simply do not have.

One way to combat this is getting a docking station for your laptop.

A docking station connects to your laptop via USB, USB-C or a built-in docking port on the bottom of your computer. It essentially acts like all the ports on the back of a desktop computer. You can plug in all your USB devices into the docking station to free up the USB ports on your computer. You can plug in an ethernet cable from your router if you want a more reliable/steady internet connection. You can plug in monitors to the docking station if you wish to use a monitor with your laptop. Some even allow you to plug in the charger to the docking station instead of the computer itself.

It essentially allows you to plug in all your devices to a single unit, and that unit plugs into your computer with one cable to clear all the clutter of cables. These can also be nice if you take your laptop with you, but you prefer to have that desktop experience back at home, or the office.

So, if you’re looking to clear up some desk space, a docking station may be the device for you.

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Updated: November 12, 2019 — 10:51 am