Bad laptop habits

All computers are eventually going to go bad, it’s a given. Laptops usually die quicker simply because they are more mobile than desktops, and they suffer that general wear and tear. There are tips you can follow to get more out of your computer, and I’m going to go over some of those today.

1. Prevent overheating
Computers do not like to get hot. Overheating can cause different computer components to go bad, and this can cause either loss of data or expensive components to go bad, resulting in expensive repairs. To prevent overheating, for desktops, blow out the air vents with a can of compressed air and try to avoid putting your desktop in a confined space, the more air running through your desktop the better. And the same applies for laptops. Try to set your laptop on a hard surface or your lap, but make sure it isn’t sitting on a plush surface such as a bed comforter because these surfaces can cover the air vents and totally eliminate air flow. Also blow out the air vents every once in a while to prevent overheating.

2. Handling your laptop
This tip is pretty obvious: take care of your laptop. It’s not a toy that you can just throw around and drop and expect it not to get damaged. Dropping the laptop can cause screens to break, hard drive damage and other component damage. Most laptops aren’t cheap; treat them as such.

3. The charging cable
For your laptop and desktop, try to have your power/charging cable plugged into a surge protector to protect your device from power surges that could cause the machine to shut down unexpectedly and possibly lose data. Also, unplug your laptop charging cable by pulling from the plug and not the cable itself. Damage to the charging cable can wear it out and then have to be replaced.

4. Antivirus/unnecessary maintenance
All of your computers should have some form of antivirus, and all Windows 10 computers come with Windows Defender, a good free antivirus. Paid antiviruses are generally better, and one we prefer is Webroot Antivirus. Also, try to prevent from downloading unnecessary maintenance programs to your computer. Most of these programs are junk and don’t improve computer performance at all. Unnecessary maintenance programs we see a lot are Driver Support and Slim Cleaner Plus, but there are countless others. Try to avoid these programs if you can.

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Updated: August 1, 2018 — 9:46 am